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Dolcetti Kmer

Our first field trip was in the Tri Ton district, which is the northwestern-most district of An Giang. Here, there is a Kmer minority.

The main highlight for me, especially in comparison with other areas around the province, are the Kmer sweets. The taste is delicious, the consistency frothy but muffin-like, and they smell like tropical fruits (I was told the type on the picture has some mango flavour). One of the types we tried had a bit of a filling that tasted like a creamy custard, but I could not understand what were the ingredients.

Every sweet bun is wrapped nicely in these banana leaves, which makes it super easy to consume your packed lunch in the field! No waste at all... except, of course, for the huge amount of half liter water bottles we are drinking every day. Both my colleague and I feel very bad for the plastic waste we are causing, and are constantly trying to teach to the other crew members to bring back in the backpacks the empty bottles instead of throwing them away right there, in the field.

The delicious sweet buns.

Lunch is served! (multiply by 3 minimum)

Vietnamese coffee is delicious - note the bottom of condensed milk. If you haven´t tried it, it is unbelievably sweet! I would drink it without stirring so at the end there would be a boost of sugary stuff. I tried to ask the coffee without sugar, but it does not seem to be a thing, and to make things uncomplicated is just better to go for it!


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