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During our last days of sampling, we stayed around the districts that surround Long Xuyên, the capital of An Giang.

10-years old boy, sharp and smiley.

With him, his inseparable bag.

In it, a mouse, a frog, and some other squeaking little animals.

We asked how come he was not at school, and all we received as an answer was that studying is not considered as important for the rural areas of the Delta.

He cheered up our day by sticking with us - the only downside was the very stinky odour in the bucket that contained his bag (which might or might not have been emptied: frankly, I tried to stay as far away from it as it was in my power).

On a side note, there was also something I did not enjoy: illegally-organized rooster fights. When you would see a large number of mopeds and adult male in a circle, you knew you had to look away (that was literally asked to us from our hosts). I did take a peek, and it was not nice.

"Rooster fight is a problem, bigger than the karaoke one!", as was put by one of our local colleagues.

The perfect end of our An Giang adventure? A karaoke evening, of course!


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