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The An Phu district visit was tough for the working part, because we had to travel 1.5 h in both directions every day.

We met extraordinary people over the three days. The hospitality of the Dao Hau Can families where we sampled was unimaginable. Lunch with mango and the salt-chilli-shrimp sauce is a culinary delight I will never forget. Rice wine, mango presents, noodle soup, papaya, snake-fish, and some other dishes we did not dare trying. We took a lot of selfies and photos together.

Beautiful people, lovely children.

The long way there also let us enjoy some scenic routes through the area, especially for me, since I get very sick in the car and our driver had the habit to do slalom through the mopeds. See below some pictures!

View from a "ferry" we took to cross the river

One of the best breakfasts! Rice, pork steak, eggs, served with fish sauce and soup, as well as green tea and coffee.

Lily pads fields are also part of the economy in the Delta. In the background, rice fields that are still being irrigated (off-limits for our study, as we need dry soil!).


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