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Past, present and future scenarios for the Tagliamento

With the questionnaire we have received many suggestions and we have learned a lot. We think that the first step in sharing the results of our research is to organize evenings in which to talk about what the Tagliamento river was, is and will be like. For this, we will talk to an exceptional guest!

We intertwine stories about the last great Alpine river and its inhabitants. Summer dialogues with...

Angelo Floramo, historian, teacher, writer Anna Scaini, hydrologist Chiara Scaini, researcher in natural risks


We started "close to home", and the first two evenings were a success:

  • Sunday 25 July at 9.00 pm - Ferrin Vini (Camino al Tagliamento)

  • Monday 26 July at 9.00 pm - Cantine Pitars (San Martino al Tagliamento)

Did you miss the first dates? No fear! There are two other appointments scheduled:

  • Friday 17 September at 20.30 - Pro loco office of San Paolo (Morsano al Tagliamento)

  • Saturday 25 September at 8.30 pm - Pieve del Castello di Ragogna (Ragogna)

We will post new information on the contact points for the evenings on August 25th.


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