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The first Bioblitz on the Tagliamento

In September we organized the first "Tagliamento home river Bioblitz", an initiative organized in collaboration with, among others, River Collective (of which both I and Chiara are members) and National Geographic:

Bioblitz is a term I don't particularly like. What I like is the concept behind it! It is a citizen science initiative, a term used to indicate all the ways in which citizens help scientists to find data, often with measurement campaigns, or by providing information to validate various types of data.

In this case, the data is collected from citizens in collaboration with experts who help identify the species that are encountered on the river. Basically, you are there and take a walk on the river trying to find species of animals and plants!

Our experts helped a good group of locals (including my family!) who learned a lot about the Spilimbergo area.

But that's not all: other experts and nature enthusiasts have mobilized throughout the river to help show how much diversity there is in the Tagliamento river. For example, read the post from the splendid group of Tringa, avid birdwatchers, fearless naturalists, and authors of a blog that for me is unmissable!

Here are our results on iNaturalist: "Le meraviglie del Tagliamento"!

This year the Bioblitz will be held over three days, on 24-25-26 September.

More info soon :)

Help us gather information about our lovely river!



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