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The potty-free tale

It all comes down to this corollary:

Nothing makes you feel more empowered than catching a poo in the potta.

As a parent, there are very few wins that you can be proud of. If you like to feel like you are doing something for the environment, you have a few options. We are trying to do the best we can, and among other things, we are:

- Using only second hand clothes (apart from few exceptions)

- Using only reusable diapers (apart from few exceptions)

- Trying to be diaper-free as soon as possible

- Reducing the number of baby-stuff we buy, and buying as much as possible second-hand toys (especially the plastic ones)

In this blog we will discuss our experience and how we try to make due with the rules above, especially with the reusable diapers and diaper-free experience. We will focus on our experience in Sweden with a view to the US and Italy, our home countries, but of course most things apply to other European countries. We hope it will help others and de-stigmatize both!

Sebastian and zia Chiara playing hide and seek :)


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