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About next year

At the end of the year we draw conclusions, and this year for me was like being on a swing.

I think I have done some good things, but also that I have fought too little for others.

Lists, for a birdwatcher with a proven hyper-organization problem*, always come in handy.

During one of the many walks in the Tagliamento, I mentally compiled this list for the year that is ending.

"Good" things for this year:

- Health, and everyone who made it through

- I managed to spend a couple of months in Friuli (which would be normal for me, but now nothing is taken for granted)

- The enormous work done with Chiara, which resulted in two papers on the Tagliamento, a third on the way, and a long list* of scientific communication activities

- The affection of many Friulians and people around the world, who have thrown their hearts over the obstacle (it means they have done everything they can!) to tell us about their experiences

- The list* of people passionate about the Friulian territory that I met (almost all virtually) in 2020-2021

- this blog!

The cuccioli

Things to improve:

- Work to find

- Grants to win

- Swedish to learn

- What will be of our ongoing new research (thanks to the synergy with Elena Zwirner)

- The great difficulty I have to sort of congratulate myself for the things that I achieve, despite the huge efforts to actually achieve them.

I don't have many readers, but I'm proud of this year anyway :)


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