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Friulians abroad

For those like me who do not know, the associations of Friulian people that live abroad are 7.

"Friuli nel Mondo", "Friulans around the world", coordinated the organization of a cycle of seminars with the aim of bringing together some of the "young" emigrants around Europe. The second meeting, in which I attended, was in Udine on 10 and 11 December 2021, at the Dacia Arena meeting center.

"Meeting and involving experiences" was the title of the seminar on the emigration of young fellow countrymen to Europe. At first the goal was not clear to me, and I was asking myself some questions like...

- But are associations useful in Europe?

- Why 7?

- How come they want to involve people like me who are not part of any association?

And so on.

I would like to talk about this event that lasted only one day, but has been going on in my head since it happened.

We were just over thirty, too many to be able to know everyone. I am shy but chatty, which perhaps in these events is a positive match, since I smile at everyone (sometimes too much and I seem not very awake!), And I tend to have "real" conversations, not superficial ones.

Here, during this beautiful day I was able to speak with almost half of the participants, even if with some only for a few minutes.

How nice to deal with new people, who however understand quickly why your dog is called Frico !!

We talked about the professional aspects of various sectors, of being a woman and having an excellent career, of maternity and paternity, of non-equivalent university studies and of the hidden dream of returning, or of the imminent return. Thus, all in one breath, and then moving on to remember aloud how different Pamplona and Salamanca are, and how Spain is welcoming to many Italians. I was also able to talk about Luxembourg, the Christmas markets and Belval, and all the things I don't miss in England :) And then about our countries, relatives, trilingual children, science and communication. I should even participate in a podcast on the Tagliamento (I can't wait!) to tell about research and feelings, so that these things hop as far as to reach all the way to Australia.

You can also listen to some of the many stories through these links (I'm also interviewed!):

Qui alcune testimonianze durante la giornata stessa:

During the event we all had a small space to talk, perhaps in a somewhat rigid formula, but which allowed everyone to introduce themselves and give their contribution. The organization worked perfectly, and both Friuli nel Mondo and Udinese Calcio did a great job to put us at ease. First we listened to contributions on the situation of Friulian emigration today, then we proposed our ideas for the role of "associations of the future". I talked about the questionnaire on the Tagliamento, about the 250 Friulians who replied from abroad. I wanted to recite a few sentences of the free text questions, maybe next time.

In the end we also followed Udinese´s match against Milan, and we were able to appreciate the new Udine stadium (with the new name Dacia Arena, for those who had not left in 2007!).

Selfie on the bench :) with the beautiful slogan "la passion e je le nestre fuarce", passion is our strength, in the background

I've talked to people with whom I have a lot in common. I saw pictures of Bierhoff on the walls, and I remembered the times of middle school, my classmates and all the fun, Amoroso's stickers, my colored pencil case...

I am left with many ideas and a great desire to meet again the crowd I met on this new and old path. A dive in the past and a climb into the future, to help those who have yet to jump.


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