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Diaper-free baby, month 5-6-7

Objective: (tar)get the poo!

The big change occurs when the baby starts eating --> mostly because he starts pooping more regularly. Of course this depends on the baby: we started trying to feed him when he was about 5 months old, but over the first days/weeks very little food was actually being swallowed.

The great news is: thanks to the regular feeds, one is able to predict (little by little) when the baby is going to poo.

In our case, poo often comes after a few (mostly) cute farts while he is on the feeding chair, often while he is having food. This is the signal for us to head to the bathroom and put him on the potta. By this time he is very used to be on the potta, if anything it seems like he is comfortable on it, and can play with clothing items or anything gets close to him while in the process of going potty.

Since month 6, we are amazed to say that he basically NEVER poos in the diaper: all the poos get in the potta!

On the negative side, pees get in the potta less often now - we think this might have to do with the fact that he is teething. He is hurt, gets nervous, cries, and somewhere in the process pees. We still have some glorious days with 6 pees in the potty, but not as often as the previous months.

He is also getting very good at yoga...

To spice things up, now we use also the other type of potty - one can start as soon as they are able to sit up without help. We are far from the situation where he asks us to go on the potta, but again, he is still very little...


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