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Diaper-free baby, 1 year in the life

Our progress seem to be in vane!

Toward the 1-year of age, Sebastian started refusing the potta. In part, this was due to teething, perhaps the biggest enemy of early- potty training. When teething, he is nervous and in pain, and does not want that extra-thinking time that allows us to understand what is going on with him :)

The other reason that we can find is that he is becoming more of a person each day, learning a lot around the house and the outdoors, and the idea of sitting on the potta does not seem interesting anymore.

Our solution? We tried to have him go on the toilet, with suprising success!

It seems like the toilet is a new, more adult step he can enjoy for longer, especially if there is some book around to "read". He can spend more than 20 minutes on the toilet with use showing him books, naming furniture around him, and of course, looking at the washing machine go! The biggest treasure is to have a washer right there, near the toilet.

Sebastian on the potta at nonni´s place in Italy. The family might think you are out of your mind, but they will be amazed once they see great results (literally speaking!).

PS: the diapers start feeling a bit small, and for the amount of pee he does, the slimmest types of bamboo diapers are not enough anymore. He is not a big baby, so we presume other kids might overgrow the diapers quicker than him. Some companies make reusable diapers in different sizes, perhaps this is a good time to change diapers up!


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