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Diaper-free at 18 months?

...Nope, not quite! But working on it!

Some nice diaper-free time is useful starting from the year of age. We find that he can relate to what is happening. In fact, only with diaper-free time we could see how he goes to "hide" before going potta, and that he quiets down completely shortly before going. This helps predict times, especially the in-between breakfast and lunch, or nap and dinner.

Diaper-free Sebastian at 14 months old, testing:

I had in mind that Sebastian would going to school when already able to signal. We are not there yet, but we are really close!

So, is this all worth it? Definitely. He does know the signal, he has fun on the toilet, and every morning before going to school he does both pipi and cacca. He particularly enjoys a good read, and instructs us on what book he wants - sometimes he enjoys birdwatching books, sailing magazines, and why not, the drone section:

We will see by when we will reach the point where the diaper is not needed... One thing is clear: what we have been doing helped him being aware, secure, and healthy. What other reason do you need?


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