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Day 3 – Liste-Gård-Ljugarn

The morning begins very slowly, mostly because we know that our breakgfast will only be served at 8h. Sebastian is up at 7h and so is everyone else. We have a walk around the calm place, check out some more flower areas, take a few pictures and get to eat breakfast. I do not like the (savory, of course) options so I ask for a piece of chocolate cake. (All good apart the fact that I will pay both the breakfast and the cake, and I do not care enough to go and say it – after all, it gets to be perhaps the only negative of the stay).

We leave at 10h30 again, after playing ping pong and running around the place. We have a nice bike ride ahead, again about 35 km, so very comfortable for us all.

Frico´s perspective of the bikeride :)

We stop a couple of times for Sebastian who does not want to be sitting down. We also stop a third time to feed him, but a bit quickly because we do not find a proper area to have lunch, so we get to our accommodation way earlier than excpected, at 13h30. Luckily our accommodation is ready, and we are again treated with much kindness. We are staying in a small, cute cottage with its own kitchen and a separate room for Sebastian to sleep in! We get to be on the roof-top. Frico this time does not have a sofa all for himself, and because of that will not enjoy this place as much as the others :)

In the afternoon we head to the beach, which is some 200 m away. Lovely water! Very warm and easy, so we let Frico off the leash while we all play and enjoy being there. Then, we rush back, shower, I go buy some food, and we head to dinner where we meet Carmen and Otto, the organizers, as well as some of the students of the Bolin research school course. The Bruna Dörren is a nice restaurant thought for both families and large groups, the food is good and Sebastian behaves wonderfully. Frico, in turn, dislikes being approached by all types of strangers, and doesn´t hide it well! A bit of a shame for me, since some of the participants to the course are my colleagues at Stockholm University, and I would enjoy chatting a bit more with them.

We go home by 20h30, Sebastian goes to sleep, and I get to check my plan for the lecture next morning.


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