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Day 2: Visby-Liste Gård

The day starts early. We get our first breakfast as a family. The buffet is renowed to be excellent, with amazing reviews from all websites. I would agree. But, I also would suggest those who have small children to travel with a leash, as we really struggle keeping Sebastian from going everywhere and chatting with all the guests (let´s not forget it is 7 am on a Sunday). All in all, Sebastian loves the fancy food, but enjoys the most a good old mini-pancake. As for me, I sample all the sweet food, and Jay does the opposite – nothing new there. The mango salad with lime and coconut is delicious!

Where is Frico, you may ask. In theory, sleeping in the room (as he had a 20 min walk at 6 am). In practice, the last 5 min he is barking and panicking of being left there. The nice cleaning ladies laugh at my questions while I try not to scold the poor dog, who admittedly has not gotten much training in hotels (born in summer 2020, if you know what I mean).

Sebastian and I go to ICA while Jay and Frico have a walk. Then, at around 10h30, we set off!

We have to bike around 35 km. As soon as we are a bit far from Visby, the traffic stops and there are lots of ripe apples and pears all around, a wonderful aroma carrying around and making me think of Grandpa.

The forests are also really interesting, with life and death. Nice farms, great perfume of apples and recently cut grass. All is green and the sidewalks are full of flowers.

There are very few cars and very kind to us bikers.

We stop around mid-way at Vidheng, at a general store museum, to have some food. We enjoy our leftover cous cous salad with the veggies from our beloved (and well taken care of even in our absence, thank you Milenka!) kolonilot and let the puppies have some fun before constraining them in the bikes again.

Sebastian has a 1-hour nap over the first part of the trip and is very calm over the second part. Frico seems happy smelling around.

We arrive very early, at 14h, and get checked in. We are the only guests which means we have lots of space. Plenty of people around to buy flowers, have coffee and cake, and enjoy the games and the sun. Nice people, good organization and well thought of place. Details of self-made things everywhere which makes you feel at home. We eat cake and have coffee and an apple juice from Gotland.

Flowers are the main point here, but also nicely thought areas for a quick rest. I can imagine myself enjoying a book here, except I do not even get to sit for more than 5 min because Sebastian is on fire :)

To my great delight, in one of the greenhouses there are two plumbago flower pots! I teach the name to Sebastian who will keep repeating it for a few days.

In the evening everything quiets down. We enjoy our food in one of the nice tables, and have the full kitchen for us.

We put Sebastian to bed and he has a hard time falling asleep, but we make it by 20h so we sneak out and manage for the first time to have a “mini-date” :) we get in the pool and get to scold Frico twice because he barks at the owner´s dogs. We shower, talk a bit, get Frico out and Jay heads to bed. It is barely 21h30 and I am slowly thinking of going to bed myself. The pool is very noisy, and the chairs less comfy than the outside area, but it is a bit chilly and I am a scary-pants being outdoors with the darkness.


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