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A biking mini-adventure to Gotland

It´s packing time! We are going on a biking mini-adventure to Gotland. In the next few posts I will talk about three moderate biking days (35, 40 and 50 km), little sightseeing, lots of dog- and toddler- parenting, and a pinch of science - I will speak at the CRS Bolin summer school on “extreme events in time and space”.

For this trip, and any other for a while (until Sebastian can ride on his own?), we did not use the folding bikes. They are amazing and I really second their use, but in this case we kind of prefer a more safe, stable bike that gets us places even if there is a uphill etc. so Jay´s trek and my newly bought (one month, and only 200 km in!) Bianchi R2 are a much better option. Sebastian rides behind Jay, because we only have one attachment for the Cougar (the Thule bike trailer), while Frico “enjoys” riding with me.

When I packed of course I tried to make sure to balance the weight so that my saddle bags are much heavier than Jay´s – he has 15 kg of kid plus a cooler, toys, change, water etc. in the Cougar!

Bear with me!

Celeste, my new bike, resting outside the window of our accomodation (mid-way during the trip).


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