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Heavy bikers

Our second day started with a slow morning: we took advantage of the motel and rested a bit and had our first camp-stove coffee. On our way out, we were stopped by a lady who was very interested in our story: 83 years old, and looking much younger, lovely lady named Taffy Coffee.

Jay studia attentamente la mappa del nord del Michigan, che ci inganna! Lo stato delle piste ciclabili non è accettabile...

We decided to keep on the paved road for biking. The bike paths are shared ORV paths and better suited to either a 4-wheeler or maybe an adventure bike with extra wide tires (in winter, often used by snowmobiles). Often google maps and and the paper map would suggest a bike trail that either does not exist or is closed down, or too poorly maintained.

Jay started having issues with his bike. We stopped twice to try to find what was wrong, which seemed to be in the rear wheel, but could not find any. On the third stop we swapped bikes and with Anna biking Jay’s bike it all seemed ok. We then decided to take some off the weight from Jay’s bike and add it to Anna’s, and change back the bikers. Once redistributed the weights, it all went better. Are we too heavy?

Anna got light-headed twice during the ride, we figured for a mix of absence of salt, water and real food (and let's face it, she is craving veggies since the beginning!).

At about 18h, we finally saw Jay's mum and dad waiting for us at the road side of the camping. What a relief, and how wonderful to have family waiting for us! We celebrated the day with a lovely dinner, including salad, and then we had ice cream! Once back to the camping we did our laundry, and went to bed in the comfort of the motorhome.

As for the birding, the only new species observed was the cowbird. Not our best day! We also saw 4 white tailed deer, much bigger than the BBI version, and a couple of cute ground squirrels.

Uno scoiattolo di terra analizza con circospezione la bici di Anna. Rexton store, MI.

Biking summary:

Brevort- Newberry

Total of 60 Km (40 miles)

Birding news: cowbird


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