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Goodbye BBI --> the adventure begins

The Bois Blanc Island week is over: time to bike to the ferry, say goodbyet to Joe and Marie, say "see you tomorrow" to Jay's mum and dad, and head out for our first biking day!

Since we have very supportive parents on their motorhome coming to spend some time with us, we have the luxurious possibility of leaving some stuff with them.

But before leaving, a little summary of the sightings of the week.

Anna fotografa due sterne distratte, tranquillamente appollaiate su una roccia affiorante in uno dei laghetti di Bois Blanc Island. Il lago Huron è poco profondo (questo laghetto è addirittura profondo soltanto 1-3 m). Notare il kit del piccolo birdwatcher-da-kayak!

A few grand spotting, including two loons, a majestic bald eagle, and a male purple finch.

Over the week we saw a total of 40 bird species. We still have 60 to go!

Altri avvistamenti: ogni sera i cervi codabianca (white-tailed deer) si avvicinano fino al giardino della casa.


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