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Our Italian training

Training n. 1 “I hate biking”

Klobenstein is not the easiest place to start a bike training. Way too much up in the mountain. I dislike that excruciating pain that is so often considered the coolest part of biking uphill, and I am afraid to death in the steep downhills.

As an overall assessment on how this first training went, I will just leave you with one thought: I found it hard to overtake a runner in the downhill. Literally. Jay seemed worried.

Birds spotted: too tired to look/think.

Training n. 2 “Vilevuarbe calling”

For our second training, we decided to start from the 20 Kg bikes of Anna’s parents. After a quick check-up, and a couple of hours of procrastination where Anna tried to find as many other things to do as possible, we left for our second session.

We got lost in a farmer field – it looked like it was a shortcut but ended up carrying up the bikes up the soybeans and freshly tilled fields near Biauzzo.

The loop was nice and we ended up doing about 50 Km in about 4h (with 3 pipì stops and 2 additional beverage/food/ice cream stops). Yes, on our way back we treated ourselves with ice cream in San Martino.

Birds spotted: 3 kestrels, few swallows, 2 long tailed tits, 1 buzzard, 6 goldfinches.


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